Q: Do you work with all budgets?

A: Yes, we welcome all size projects. Skyler’s is very sensitive to our clients’ budgets. We will help
you develop a budget that is value based while providing you with the latest styles and trends to create
your dream home. Our designers will also help save you money by avoiding costly construction
changes or incorrect furniture sizing.

Q: Should I bring anything to the initial meeting?

A: Spending a little time flipping through magazines is an easy way to find your personal style and get
some ideas about color. Gather magazine pages and photos of certain styles you like, as well as fabrics
and colors. Make a separate pile for things you don’t like as well – this will help your designer know
what to stay away from. Any additional ideas or questions you have collected, including an
estimation of your budget, will make your experience with your designer more successful.

Q: How does it work – working with an interior designer?

A: Working with an interior designer is all about communication and trust. Given that every designer
and every project is different, it is best to discuss likes, wants, needs, and a budget with your design
professional to create the best working relationship for both of you. The designer will select furniture,
paints, and fabrics, do drawings and get pricing in order to present them to you to choose from.
Interior designers can also orchestrate the scope of a project with various sub-contractors if
needed, to ensure that every detail is accounted.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Our designers can do anything needed, running the full range from pre-construction detailing to
complete interior design. We specialize in both residential and commercial design. Some of our
projects include reupholstering, furniture placement, lighting plans, and custom window treatments.
Accessories can also be taken out of our showroom “on approval” so you can try them in your home.
We work with a large number of installers, painters, contractors, etc. and can offer referrals when needed.

Q: How would I blend the contemporary feel of your showroom with some of the traditional antiques
that I already own?

A: The key is getting the balance just right. If you have too many antiques, your home will look old world.
If you have too much contemporary, it will look stark. New style and old style can work very well together
if mixed correctly.

Q: Do you conduct home visits?

A: Yes, by appointment. Typically, people know what they like or don’t like, but need guidance when
designing their home. We are happy to come to your home and help. On a typical visit we will look at
the color scheme, style of home and existing furniture. We ask about your aspirations and what you
want people to say when they walk through your front door. We take that information and find the
pieces that will make your home look and feel the way you want it to.

Q: Do you showcase any local artists or designers?

A: Yes, we are very passionate about supporting local art. We know Naples is a hotbed for local
artists and currently have works from three local talents in our showroom and are looking
forward to expanding on that.

Q: In what other ways do you support the Naples community?

A: We are developing a nonprofit project called Reach for the Sky that is dedicated to making a
positive difference in the world by helping people lead happy, productive and meaningful lives.
It will pursue the following four activities:

1. Recognizing leaders making a difference
2. Developing local community culture
3. Supporting creative arts and design
4. Nurturing the next generation

Reach for the Sky will fulfill this through the creation and dissemination of digital media and the
production of community events that educate, motivate, and inspire. Click here to learn more.

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